Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in

Professional Communication


The Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Professional Communication is primarily designed for graduates of relevant Higher Diploma and Associate Degree programmes and industry practitioners who want to acquire a high level of biliterate and trilingual proficiency as well as to grasp a firm understanding of the knowledge and skills in language studies and integrated strategic communication for practical application in the diversified professional contexts.

Graduates of this programme will be competent professional communicators of spoken and written English and Chinese. They are able to use their biliterate and trilingual skills strategically to foster effective professional communication in private organisations or the public sector, especially in multilingual and multicultural settings commonly found in Hong Kong. Graduates will embark on careers in language-related professional positions such as editors, writers, or specialists in marketing communication, corporate communications, customer service, etc.

A recognised Associate Degree or a Higher Diploma or equivalent qualification.

Applicants without formal evidence of requisite language proficiency may be required to take relevant language test(s) offered by PolyU SPEED and demonstrate their ability to complete the programme to the Admission Interview Panel.

Those who do not possess the above-mentioned qualifications but have reached the age of 25 at commencement of study may apply as mature applicants. Mature applicants should possess relevant working experience in senior positions and have completed prior studies in related fields. They will also be required to pass an admission test and demonstrate to the Admission Interview Panel their ability to complete the programme.

Programme Leader

Ms Geeta Bhavnani
Tel: 3746 0712

Programme Officer

Ms Elsa Ho
Tel: 3746 0070

Administrative Assistant

Ms Cecilia Lai
Tel: 3746 0069

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