Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in

Bilingual Studies


The Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Bilingual Studies aims to build on the linguistic knowledge and skills of graduates from relevant Associate Degree and Higher Diploma programmes, producing knowledgeable Chinese-English bilinguals with a broad linguistic base who can approach language and related cultural issues intellectually, and contribute / apply their expertise to the development of bilingual studies and related professions in Hong Kong and other cosmopolitan Chinese communities.

This programme equips students to enter various professions such as communication, administration, public relations, editing, translation, marketing, promotion and the like in both public and private sectors.

A recognised Associate Degree or a Higher Diploma or equivalent qualification in a relevant discipline.

Those who do not possess the above-mentioned qualifications but have reached the age of 25 at commencement of study may apply as mature applicants. Mature applicants should possess relevant working experience in senior positions and have completed prior studies in related fields. They will also be required to pass an admission test and demonstrate to the Admission Interview Panel their ability to complete the programme.

Programme Leader

Dr K H Cheung
Tel: 3746 0774

Deputy Programme Leader

Dr Val Chen
Tel: 3746 0084

Programme Officer

Ms Elsa Ho
Tel: 3746 0070

Administrative Assistant

Ms Cecilia La
Tel: 3746 0069

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